About Me

2014-06-25 11.08.12Hi all! I am Kevin Mandira Limanta, so it should come as no surprise if my nickname is Kevin. Currently, I am a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, the same place where I did my master by research. By the way, the picture next to this was me at 2014. At that time, my concern was that I was unable to gain weight no matter how much I ate. Now, being able to lose weight seems to be a blessing. Anyway, I digress.

I am a proud alumni of Institut Teknologi Bandung where I did my undergraduate studies, also in mathematics. My undergraduate thesis was centered around harmonic analysis and functional analysis. You can read my undergraduate thesis (it’s in Indonesian) here. My master by research thesis was about harmonic analysis on the 3-sphere S^3, although it is more algebraic than analytic. You can read my master thesis here. My PhD is still ongoing, so I can’t show you my PhD thesis yet 😛

Oh, here is my Curriculum Vitae.

This blog was created in the sole purpose of improving my English. Coming and living almost my whole life in a non-English speaking country, the adjustment I needed to do when I first came to Sydney was quite hard. I created this blog before I came to Sydney in order to get used to writing in English. Sometimes I write my thoughts off as a blog post. Sometimes it is about mathematics. Sometimes it is about random stuff.

The 16 personality website told me that I am an INFP, which I quite agree. I think I am an ambivert person. It excites me to meet someone new but at the same time I cannot handle being in a large group setting. I also need to charge my social battery quite often by being alone. I am definitely not a party person. I can be a great listener. I love to listen to people’s story, anyway. I am a pretty decent person, I think 🙂

I have an interest in choral music. I love listening to choral pieces. Give me a harmony created by human voices and I will smile instantly. Back then in ITB, I was a member of the ITB Student Choir. Now, I am a member of Sydney-based Bel Cantare choir. Singing in a choir is a good exercise for me to relieve stress caused by doing research. Research is hard!

Oh, have I mentioned that I love to travel? I love to discover new places, observe the people there, and just immerse myself in their culture. One of my wish in this lifetime is to visit every country in this world. Is it possible? We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.



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