What’s New?

I’ve been away for such long time. Everytime I want to write something or when a bunch of ideas popped up, either the timing is not good or I have been procrastinating :p

I have been offered to study at UNSW starting from next March. I will take mathematics again (well since I am so faithful), only this time I will undergo a full research instead of taking courses. Sometimes it is called master by research. For two years I will do a research about harmonic analysis on Lie group. For me, that is interesting!

This semester has been quite memorable and different than previous semesters. As a fresh graduate, it means that I do not have to attend class anymore, which is.. quite weird. Sometimes I really want to attend classes, take the exam, and get graded. Although as a lecturer assistant I could get a chance to attend class informally, it still felt different.

Next difference is that I rarely see my friends now. Most of my friends have been graduated and now they have chosen their own path. Most of them are working now. Some of them choose to continue to master study like me. I still meet some of my friends from my batch, sometimes. It is kind of relieving. Being surrounded by juniors makes you feel so old, you know :p

Another difference is that this time I have a chance to be a tutor. You know, in ITB there are Calculus course for first year students. Since they are so many (around 3000 of them), almost all of the lecturer from Department of Mathematics have to teach Calculus. Well, there is 2-hour session per week for tutorial. My job was to assist those first year students to understand the concepts by doing some practices. I even had a chance to teach as a substitute. I have been accustomed to teach informally, but to teach formally in front of 60-70 students is of course something different. Luckily I managed to do it although there may be some minor flaws.

Well, since this semester almost ends, it means that I have to move out from Bandung nearly soon. Maybe at the end of this month, maybe the month after. Since I have to start my master study on March, it means I have to depart to Sydney on February. Time does fly. I have to take care of my student visa, prepare the ticket to Sydney, and of course search for apartments in Sydney. Sydney is a very expensive city. The standard rate for student apartment in Sydney is around $250-300 per week, which is around 2.5-3 million rupiahs. It is per week, note that. I have to learn to spend my money wisely :p

That’s about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Doraemon movie to be watched with my friends at 9.30 pm. Cannot wait to watch it! 😀

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