A Reminder to Myself

A friend of mine once talked to me, “You will never be sure of what lies up ahead.” I didn’t really give a thought about it until I graduated. Yes, being able to graduate from one of top universities in Indonesia seems cool. It was cool… until the day of graduation. After that, questions like, “Now what?” or “What should I do now?” will always pop into your head.

It is always hard to make a decision, especially if the decision is big. You are afraid to screw things up. I am. We are all afraid. The problem is, we can’t really run away from making a decision. There will be some time — maybe now, maybe in the future, who knows? — when we have to make decision. Big decision.

I am now in that kind of situation. I realize now that the problem I am faced with is somewhat more complex. I learn to be a man of my own. Quoting my friend: “The choices used to be clear, you just had to choose and gave all of your efforts to achieve that. Now, you don’t even know which one you should consider as the choice.” Imagine that you were faced with a multiple choice questions, but now you have to fill in the blank. It is somewhat harder, right?

So, contemplating this for so many times, I think that I should not worry too much about what will I do in the future. Life is a sequence of decisions. It is always started with one decision. You have to live it up before knowing what step you should take next. What decision you should take next.

I would suggest you this: stop worrying too much and start taking actions. If in the future you think you are making a mistake, then stop doing that and learn from it. Your next decision won’t be so bad as before. Life should be made as simple as possible, yet it has to be made as precious as possible. That’s the challenge.

Written as a reminder to myself

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