After the election

Hello fellas! It’s been so long since the last time I posted something on this blog. I’m gonna post my thoughts about the president election our nation’s been undergone. I am gonna write in English to improve my writing skill, so before reading any further, I’m open to critics about my writing, especially my words’ choice.

It is a new thing that Indonesia has only two candidates in a president election. The first candidate is a former general which is massively accused for violating human’s right regarding 1998 accident, one of the biggest tragedy in Indonesia’s history. He has been volunteering himself as a candidate three times, counting this year’s election. Although many people accused him as a traitor, there are still many people supported him and believed that what he has done is for something good in the future.

The second candidate is a carpenter who then becomes a mayor of Solo, a small city in Central Java for approximately eight years before continuing his political career as a governor of Indonesia’s biggest city and also the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, since then. Many people praised him for being able to revolutionise Solo and Jakarta — giving access to poor people to many sectors such as education or health, streamlining the bureaucracy, and so on — although also many people saw him as a not committed one, since he became a candidate of governor of Jakarta when he was still leading Solo, and he became a candidate of president when he was still leading Jakarta.

This is my first time voting. Many people around me have been so concerned with the election processes, with the two candidates, with the General Elections Commissions (KPU), and so on. I think, as a normal civilian, I still have to know more about the candidates. It is a good thing that everything can be accessed easily now. I can just see the presidential debate via Twitter if I don’t have any access to watch it in TV. I can just download the candidates’ vision and mission and read it on my phone. I can know their background easily from the Internet. What I need to do is to decide which one should I vote. Should I vote the first candidate or the second candidate? Or am I okay with both candidates so that it doesn’t even matter who will win? It is a personal choice, and everyone is entitled with their own opinion and we have to respect that.

During the election process until the General Elections Commissions release the election result, many thing happened. Some are interesting, some are frightening. Although I am afraid that there will be a riot following the release of the election result, I see this election as a very good example to show people about democracy, especially young children. How to create a clean yet creative campaign, how to gracefully accept defeat, how to create a clean election process are just some examples. I am happy that many young people involved in the process, giving a new hope to a better Indonesia.

Well, I think that General Elections Commissions has been working very hard and we should appreciate them. I also suggest that we, and by ‘we’ I mean all of us Indonesian, support the chosen president, no matter what, because he is the one who will lead us in the next five years. Election is over, now is the time to accept the result and support the chosen candidate. By doing this, we can show to other nations even more that we are truly a democratic country.

I think this post is already long enough so I will end it now. Thanks for reading! By the way, feel free to drop a comment below.

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