About Trust

Have you ever gotten hurt by someone, in any form? It will hurt more if it comes from our beloved ones. It would feel totally painful: it feels like I don’t really understand them. The worst part? We put less trust towards them.

Or… have you ever hurt someone? Another painful thing is if it’s someone we care about. What’s remaining is only regret. The relation will not be the way it used to be anymore.

Don’t break the trust given to you. When you gain someone’s trust, it means that a part of that person is given to you. Breaking that trust means killing a part of that person. We become a killer.

Trust is earned, not given. It will sound totally cliché when you’re not in any trouble. But believe me, when you’re dealing with trust issues, you will realize that trust is indeed very hard to earn.

If you are sane (and lucky) enough not to have broken any trust given to you, then don’t ever try to play around with that. Take very good care of that. If you have broken someone’s trust, go apologize and show your deepest regret. Don’t expect them to forgive you. Don’t expect their trust towards you to be the same as before. I learn this the hard way. You have to re-earn their trust. Show that you are willing to change. Act like it and not just sugarcoat words.

So let’s give it a thought: have I done my best to take care of every trust given to me?

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