Bienvenue, 2014!

Because it’s 2014 now (at least in Indonesia and other countries that are GMT + n, n > 6), I would like to write my personal goals. To make it simple, I will just say it. I hope in 2014 I can travel a lot. As for study, I want to graduate on time (so it will be around July) and continue my study to graduate level. Oh, and also joining some competitions and achieve something.

I want to make more friends. Be closer to my current friends. More laugh shared, more smile made. Stay humble, or at least try to be humble. Be more responsible in every task assigned. Be more grateful on everything.

As for the last goals, it will be my personal vision. Every year I try to make personal goals and personal vision, and in the end of the year I contemplate. As for 2013, I’m satisfied enough. Although there are disappointment, anger, sadness, tears all happening in 2013, but that makes me who I am now. So, I will continue my personal vision from last year, and add one more: be grateful on everything.

So, I would suggest you to set your own goals. Dream it. Reach it. Happy new year 2014, folks! 

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