Memories from Kanazawa

Gosh, it’s been ages since the last time I blog. I think I need to be more discipline in blogging…

Well, this time I want to share something that has just happened to me. These last two weeks, I was selected to be the Liaisson Officer for Kanazawa students. They are on the exchange program, and LO’s job is to accompany them getting to know ITB and around Bandung. They are 16 students from Japan, 1 of them is staying for 40 days while the others are just staying for two weeks.

It is, of course, not an easy task. Why? We have to introduce them to the cultural difference, climate difference, and also food difference. People who are going to tropical country like Indonesia has more possibility of getting sick because of climate change shock or food contents shock. We have to be very careful when offering food. We have to teach them some of Indonesian culture (including the bad ones too as well).

Having been warned like that, we do our best to be a good host. We picked them up at the airport, we show them around ITB, even introducing them to our student union and organizational unit in ITB. We picked them up at the hotel, accompanied them to some popular sites in Bandung, and the list of activities go on and on. It was really fun. I really enjoyed being around them.

Fun thing about Japanese people is that their accent. Listen to how they’re speaking English, it is funny. Some of them brought dictionary to communicate. Some of them only used the so-called body languages. But hey, it’s fun! We don’t have to think about grammar structure. All we did is just trying to communicate and get the bonds, by all means necessary :p

The connection between these two university students are getting closer and personal. I myself made some close friends among them, namely Mura and Takuya. Mura is a second-year student in Physics Department, while Takuya is still in his first year and still hasn’t decided to go to what major. But he himself said that he wanted to enter Physics Department. They are very kind and funny. I feel comfortable around them, and yes, I somewhat miss them now. They are my first foreign friend I ever acquintanced. Now I know that different language is not the barrier that disabled someone to befriend with other people across the country.

Well, time passed surely fast. I feel like two weeks are just like Shinkansen, it’s moving really fast. Suddenly we are at the farewell party. It was sad, because we know that in a very short moment, they are going back and we have to face the reality again :p. So, the last day when they are supposed to go to Jakarta, I volunteered myself to accompany them, knowing the fact that tomorrow I will be having an exam that I haven’t prepared :p. But I don’t regret that, although I can’t do the exam well, because what I get is more than just a trip to Jakarta. I feel so sad to let them go. I even want to kidnap them so that they can’t go back to Japan. I even want to steal their passport :p. But I made a promise to Mura that we won’t cry. But he cried :p

Well… what I want to share is that I’m really grateful for these last two weeks God has given me. It teaches me more about friendship. How strange people you met two weeks ago can’t be let go back two weeks later, because you will miss all of them? That’s weird, but it’s true. I do hope they can go back to here right now. If only Doraemon exists.. :p

My room is now full of memories. I still keep in touch with some of them. LINE rules! 😀

So, I will think of something different to blog next time. I do have some ideas that crossed my minds lately. I will let you know my updates later! 😀

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