What’s your dream?

Yesterday, and also today, I went to two different concert. Choir concert, to be exact. The first was held by the late members of my college choir. They held a concert to celebrate our golden anniversary, which is this year. It was exciting, the concert hall was very great, and I’m happy to see them performing, looking how happy they are, considering most of them are already married, even having grandkids, singing the same song through different voices, together. One of them is now my lecturer in graph theory, Ms. Hilda Assiyatun 😀

Today, I’m watching another concert. This time, it was from another choir, Svaditra, which surprisingly many of my friends from the same college choir are member of it. And I must say, I like this choir much better than yesterday’s concert. Although the concert took place in a church, not in a concert hall, and the audience isn’t as much as yesterday, but I feel so relaxed listening to the song they sang. Well, it has to be experienced, because it’s hard to describe how I feel, haha. All I can say is, I wanna sing like them someday, singing the same song.

Well, I thought of something after today’s concert. I think I’m much more addicted to choral song than I realize. I even search today’s act song on Youtube, wishing to listen to it again :3 It made me thinking, what is my dream really? I discussed this with Yozef that night, and we shared our dream. One of mine is, to be able to educate people who are poorly educated in remote area in Indonesia. It’s like Indonesia Mengajar, if you ever heard about it. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea, but it turned to be such an uplifting and heartwarming experience when I teach junior high student in Sumbawa last June. They have the dream, and that’s touching me. They were really determined. They studied non-stop, yes I can assure you, just to solve one problem I gave to them. Wow.

Of course, I still have another dream, and to be able to sing in such a great choir is also one of them. To be able to visit every single country in the earth is also one of them. Still so many left, if time permits…

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